Finding meditation
Fri May 15, 2020 · 226 words · 2 min
TagsĀ :  meditation

I lost my earplugs, and figured I might have lost them outside at the cabin where I have been staying at for some days now. I have been wandering around, but with no luck finding the earplugs.

I have not been meditating as frequently as I would have hoped up here, so far. But while playing outside with my dog, I decided to sit down and meditate by my self, for 10 minutes. My mind was racing like crazy, I even wondered if what I actually was doing would be categorized as meditating, or just plainly thinking. While meditating I did consider the possibility that meditation would make it easier to find my earplugs.

I stopped almost exactly at the 10 min mark, and I felt great. It was as if I had been dreaming. It felt like I had touched something real, a taste of how life is supposed to be lived. I felt motivated and inspired to meditate more, and I felt happy. But it still just felt like a dream since there where only this peaceful feeling left, and the memory of my mediation did not seem to match with this quickly fading feeling.

I stood up, started walking back to my cabin, and there they were, my earplugs covered in snow.

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